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Founded in 2018, Jash Game Studio began with the goal of developing video games based on innovation and creativity. With a team that loves to play games and make games and try to be professional.

Jash Games current goal is to develop mobile games and we want to make sure each and every one of our gamers has a memorable experience. Check out our site and stay in touch with us.


Squp is a mobile puzzle game that gives you a new sense of innovative gameplay. you should solve puzzles each levels to save youself from darkness.In addition to the levels squp contain two arcade modes that will chalenge you certainly.


Lorun is a puzzle game that you should solve levels by making a path for a shepherd in use of isometric illusion. Our shepherd has felled into a deep sleep and dreaming about his sheep, help him find his sheeps.
In this dream, you will encounter strange rules! Use them wisely.

Blip Ball

Blip Ball is a minimal relaxing game with infinite levels. you should dive into the music notes and reach the top Goal. There is various kind of music notes that each one of them gave you special power!!
so get ready for this infinite journey.

Infinity War

Infinity war is a platformer, pixel art game that you control your hero and fight among the enemies. The alpha test is now available on the link below.



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